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This site is intended to provide a user-generated database of all computer software that either requires Internet Activation and/or calls home to check license status.

The hope of this site is to allow people to make an informed choice of what software to use and if that software does something they might otherwise not like it to do.

As this site is a database only, it contains no methods of bypassing activation and/or blocking license checks. If you don't like these things, then this site will allow you to know that a program requires them and you can find a piece of software that doesn't.

Please note, that is site is still a work-in-progress, however it is fully functional in its current state. More features and tweaks are coming...


Q: Do you provide bypass methods for Activation and/or Checking?
A: No.

Q: Can a program be removed from the database?
A: Yes, but only if that program has removed its Internet Activation and/or calling home feature.
Contact Us if that is the case, we will review the software in question
and if true delete it from the active database.
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